Watermelons are an excellent snack. They are even an Aphrodisiac. The nutrient found citrulline, can relax blood vessels and improve blood flow, very similar to the way Viagra’s active ingredient works. They are 92% water so its very refreshing and a thirst quencher. Watermelons have almost no calories and all natural sugars. They are high in potassium too. The best way to buy them is seeded, the way nature intended them to be. Get them soon because watermelon season is almost coming to an end!!

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2 thoughts on “Watermelon”

  1. Christina Fernandez

    I love watermelon!! I remember when I was younger I thought that if I swallowed the seeds a watermelon would grow in my belly. lol
    Its hard to find watermelon with seeds now. Which makes me believe they are not nature grown. Just as the clone process. That’s so scary. I don’t trust fruit anymore especially after I shaved all this wax off of an apple. I cut the apple and it didn’t turn brown. Those are man made apple! yuk Then we wonder why Cancer is so prevalent now. SMH

    1. Alexandra Bobadilla

      If you can buy a fruit that is Organic then that is a better choice. Especially when it comes to apples, pears, and plums. I once bought plums without a PIT. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I bought about 7 and 6 of them did NOT have a PIT. When i switched back to the organic kind, they all had pits. So scary how our fruits are being tampered with here in the States. You go to another country and ask for seeded grapes, they look at you like you’re crazy because they are ALL seeded. SMH!

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