NUTRITION blog BY alex_la_Vegan

WELCOME!! This blog will focus on your overall health, but particularly your nutrition.  I will incorporate the foods that I enjoy, but that are healthy as well. I love food and I know most of you out there do too. Who would’ve thought that you can eat food that is delicious AND healthy? 

I’ll have recipes from time to time, many ideas and information. One thing to keep in mind is that eating healthier should be a way of life, NOT a “diet”. The way you eat shouldn’t make you anxious or miserable. So making better choices and PLANNING AHEAD is imperative. Keeping key ingredients at home is important. 

I look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come. Welcome to 80/20 Fit Kickboxing, where you will get the full experience of working out and apply your nutrition to it.

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1 thought on “NUTRITION blog BY alex_la_Vegan”

  1. Christina Fernandez

    I’m super excited to learn more about healthy eating. Alex_la_Vegan is a dear friend of mine and she has really good recipes.

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